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About Kidzeboo

Why, When, Who And How Kidzeboo Started

Co-founded by two fathers, Kidzeboo Is The Social Marketplace For Parents.

Starting from a simple observation and our frustration as parents, we became increasingly critical of the large auction and popular secondhand sales web sites, their fees and levels of sales commission.

Anyone who has ever been or is a parent, knows just how difficult it is to make ends meet and how we must constantly juggle our tight budgets. Paying large and exorbitant commissions for selling our children's items just seemed unfair.

We believed, despite what these other marketplaces would have you think, that it must be possible to create a better, more transparent and therefore fairer service that would benefit all parents, everywhere.

Value Is More Than Money

From the moment they are born, our children never stop growing. Whether it's a new stroller, high chair, pair of sneakers, school bag or video game. One thing is for sure. Whatever we buy and whatever our children need today, they always seem to outgrow by tomorrow.

The majority of our children's wardrobes and toy cupboards contain smaller items. Things barely worn or hardly played with. And just because our children have outgrown them doesn't mean they don't have enormous value to another child.

With services such as eBay, forcing us to pay excessive commissions for the sale of these items, it meant that in many instances it was meaningless and simplier to just donate things to local charity shops instead.

Now please don't misunderstand us. As parents we love to support local charities, but we also invest so much into buying items for our children. Items that they cherish. Things that they love. Stuff they adore. Giving away these often valuable items, or being asked to pay commissions for the ability to sell and recoup only a small percentage of the money to allow us to be able to buy new and much needed things, seems not only unfair, but not in the interest of the parent at all.

A Better And Fairer Way

So, being practical fathers, we put our heads together and started thinking...

Our ambition and goal was to create a platform that was much more interactive and social than eBay, or indeed any other online marketplace.

We wanted to allow every parent, no matter where they are in the world and no matter their need, whether shopping, selling or wishing to give away items, to be able to do so without being forced to pay commissions to be able to do it. After all, if you want to sell something, shouldn't you get the money from the sale and not just a percentage of the amount?

But more than just saving money, for us one of the real challenges about being parents is how can we become better parents? While the thousands of parenting blogs will tell of one parents story or experience, they don't allow us to interact and talk with other parents and share our experiences. Parenting blogs never allows us to discuss the challenges we face in parenting.

And so after many hours of discussion, many long nights and enough coffee to keep us awake for a year, Kidzeboo was born.

Focus On Members Not Profits

At Kidzeboo, because we are just a small group of dedicated parents, our focus is not on profits, margins and sales. It's quite the opposite. Our focus is on our members. Our community. Because that's what Kidzeboo is. A community.

Actually, Kidzeboo is The Community For Parents.

For parents who want to shop for bargins and free items for their kids.

For parents looking to clear closet and wardrobe space.

For parents seeking to transform a nursery into a child's room or child's room into a teen habitat.

And for parents who want to connect with other parents and share parenting issues and advices.

In short, Kidzeboo Is The Social Marketplace. Created by parents, for parents and we're glad to have you with us.

Do You Know

How much money you spend each year on clothes and toys and things for your child?

According to a United States Department survey, the average American family spends between $10,000 and $17,000 each year on each child in their home.

We buy our babies every kind of hanging thing, musical thing, fluffy thing and rattling thing.

We buy our toddlers plastic alphabet learning games, computer voice activated toys, everything with cartoon characters, coloring books, learn to read books, DVDs and videos.

We buy our children tablets, interactive games, more computer gizmos, everything with action and movie characters, more books and even more DVDs and videos.

And then our teenagers, always after the latest mobile phones, games consoles, fashion brands and clothes.

It's not hard to see where all that money gets spent, and not hard to see why we needed to create Kidzeboo.

Kidzeboo is the perfect place for you as a parent to sell and giveaway your child's old things.

Our mission is simple.

Kidzeboo Makes Parenting Easier.

Our goal?

To Help Every Parent. Everywhere.

We are a community. A movement. And we want you to join us. So if you haven't joined Kidzeboo yet, here's 5 simply reasons why you should.

  • Membership Is FREE
  • You Get Very Own FREE Family Store
  • Giveaway Items For FREE
  • Sell Items For Just $1
  • There's No Commissions

So why not Join Us At Kidzeboo and join the social marketplace for parents.

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