Banner Placement

Get More From Your Advertising Budget With Banner Placement

Banner Advertising allows you to display a focused message to users to trigger their interest.

Often referred to as a web banner, or banner ad, a Kidzeboo Banner allows you to focus your advertising efforts on Kidzeboo members.

Banner Placement

With the ability to split advertising across numerous and varying placements, such as:

  • Home Page
  • Family Stores
  • Member Listings

The placement of your banner will determine the type of user and number of potential users that you may reach.

Banner Positioning

Banner Placement can be refined further through Banner Positioning, for example:

  • Home Page Top Banner Position

Just as placement will determine type of user and potential reach, so too will position impact the performance of your banner and attention of your online audience.

Combine Placement And Positioning To Meet Your Own Specific Needs

In many instances your needs may be to focus on performance rather than the volume of ads served.

In such cases, your need to target a very specific market group. For example, you are a charity wishing to focus on low income families and believe that targeting members searching for free items best represents your key market demographic.

Banner placement can therefore be specifically placed. For example, in Family Stores and positioned in the Giveaway items section only.

Kidzeboo offers various pricing strategies and advertising options to meet every marketing budget. From daily Flat Rates, dependent upon placement and positioning. To Cost Per Thousand (CPT), based upon number of impressions. To Click Through Rates (CTR), determined by cost per click.

To learn more about Banner Advertising on Kidzeboo contact us today with your advertising needs and requirements so we may best assist you maximise your return on investment.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Offers A Range Of Billing Options, From Daily Flat Rates To Impressions And Click-Throughs

As an advertiser on Kidzeboo you have the ability to select the form of billing that best meets your advertising budget and needs.

You may choose from:

  • Daily Flat Rate
  • Cost Per Thousand (CPT) Impressions
  • Click Through Cost Per Click (CPC)

Through your very own Kidzeboo Advertising Manager Page, you may generate a variety of reports in a variety of formats to view the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign.

The performance, cost and return of your current billing option is integrated in your reports to allow you to monitor the performance and effectiveness of any individual banner placement, position and billing combination.

To further control banner exposure and cost management, Kidzeboo allows you to run your campaign and show your banners solely on:

  • Desktop Computers And Laptops
  • Mobile Devices And Tablets
  • Across All Platforms
  • With the flexiblity to update, change and adjust your campaign at any time, Banner Advertising on Kidzeboo gives you the unique opportunity to communicate directly to parents and control the platforms, placements and positions from where you meet your key market groups.

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