Daily Deals

Extend Your Product Promotions With Daily Deals

Daily Deals provide market savvy advertisers with a unique platform upon which to extend reach and exposure of existing or planned campaigns to a highly focused market group.

Create Excitement And Enthusiasm

Designed to create excitement, enthusiasm and heightened anticipation from the user. Daily Deals help promote product campaigns, discounts and offerings in a manner not previously possible for advertisers.

Through product reveal, promoting discount value and savings, Daily Deals builds excitement in the user wishing to take advanage of the Daily Deal.

More Than A Banner

Whereas Banner Placement allows advertisers to reach the greatest number of potential users with their marketing messages. The format of the advertising banner itself, and its purpose, to inegrate into a web page with content, does not provide the user with a sense of interaction or clear distinction.

An advertising banner can well draw attention through a concise message that appeals to the user, but more often than not, fails to provide the user with curiousity or reason to click.

The format of Daily Deals differs enormously both for advertiser and user alike

For the advertiser, product photo, company logo, company home page and product / campaign links are all required. In addition to the item's recommended retail price (RRP) and campaign saving in order to create the deal.

For the user, the Daily Deal is an exclusive offering.

More than a banner, it presents an offer and saving level to gain attention and focus before revealing the item.

Integrated Advertising That Is Unaffected By Ad-Blocking Software

As an interactive and integrated solution, opening in a modal lightbox window in Kidzeboo. Daily Deals are seen by all users irrespective of ad blocking or other third-party software.

Home Page Placement For Greatest Impact

Daily Deals are placed on the Home Page of Kidzeboo for greatest view and traffic.

Limited to allowing only four advertisers and promoting only four Daily Deals during any 24-hour period. Daily Deals provides advertisers with exclusive, premium trafficked site placement.

More than any other advertising alternative, Daily Deals offers retailers, distributors and sales agents the optimal advertising solution and return on marketing investment.

To learn more about Daily Deals and advertising on the Daily Deals platform, contact us today.

Did You Know

Daily Deals Allow Advertisers To Create Engagement And Excitement Through Timed Promotion Exposure

The greatest challenge for any advertiser is to create attention.

In a web where users are flooded with Google Ads, Content Marketing and Keyword Contextual Advertising. For any advertiser attempting to achieve not only a suitable level of return on investment, but also a satisfactory level of conversion, campaign options are becoming increasingly difficult.

Daily Deals is a unique advertising platform, created for advertisers who need to extend their traditional marketing campaigns online. But also need to achieve greater interest than is otherwise possible through more conventional Banner Placement.

Through exclusive, limited Home Page placement, Daily Deals present your product promotion, seasonal campaign or item discount in a way that demands attention.

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