Promotional Mail

Send Your Campaigns, Offers And Promotions Directly To The Inbox Of Parents

Members of Kidzeboo have an array of features and functionality in their Kidzeboo Account which are directly linked to advertising opportunity.

The ability to Save Searches for later reference. To Follow Categories, for latest news and item inserts. All provide opportunities for advertisers to include relevant product or service promotions.

Highly Targeted And Relevant Marketing

As an advertiser wishing to take advantage of Promotional Mail, your promotion must be relevant to the content requested by the member.

For example, if a member is following the category, Baby Clothes, a promotion for strollers or baby highchairs would not be relevant or considered for inclusion in the email notifications requested by the member.

Likewise, if a member had Saved A Search for "learning toys", then a promotion for baby clothes would not be considered relevant for inclusion in notifications requested by the member.

Potential Customers Already Expressing Interest

Promotional Mail provides you with the unique ability to place your advert or promotion in an email notification sent by Kidzeboo to members requesting updates about a specific product, category or service.

As these emails are only sent to members that are requesting notifications about specific items and subjects, your promotion must qualify and be directly related to the subject of the notification.

Inclusion and integration of your campaign inside these notifications provides you with a unique opportunity. The ability to communicate and promote towards members actively seeking items similar to your promotion.

Limited Opportunity To Advertise

Members following categories or searches receive unique and individual emails for each subject that they have subscribed to.

Because advertising is limited to just one promotion for any individual subject, your promotion is guaranteed maximum focus by all members who receive it.

When Sales Are Important

Promotional Mail is the ideal platform for advertisers where sales are important.

Your promotion will achieve maximum sales and market potential as a highly targeted and integrated promotion towards highly active and interested parents.

Available through Cost Per Mail (CPM) rates, dependent upon availability and current reach for your relevant subject. Contact us today with your advertising needs and requirements to learn more about Promotional Mail Advertising with Kidzeboo and how Kidzeboo can help you maximise your return on marketing investment.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Provides A Direct Mail Service Of Limited Frequency For Advertisers Needing To Communicate Directly With Parents

If your campaign qualifies for Promotional Mail Advertising, then your promotion is not only integrated into relevant emails. Your campaign can also be displayed online in the areas where the member chose to save or request notification.

As an optional extra, you can choose to add your promotion to the actual Saved Search Page or Followed Category Page of all relevant members, allowing you to reach them through the Kidzeboo web site and their mailbox.

When considering to include Promotional Email as a part of your campaign you should always take into consideration the requirements of your campaign. For example, if your need is to reach the greatest number of users and members possible then Promotional Mail is not the optimal solution for your promotion and you may wish to consider Banner Placement.

If you are a retailer, distributor or sales agent and wish to promote a campaign, discount or product promotion. Then you may wish to consider Daily Deals as the ideal way to reach the greatest number of users and increase awareness of your campaign.

If the needs of your campaign are focused on sales, then Promotional Mail is your preferred advertising choice.

  • Only Promotional Mail can offer you a highly targeted campaign towards a specific group of highly interested parents.
    • Only Promotional Mail can identify members who have already requested to be notified about items similar to or identical to those in your promotion.
      • Only Promotional Mail can provide you with targeted promotion towards potential customers that can be more easily converted into customers.

      Whatever your campaign and advertising needs, you'll find an advertising solution at Kidzeboo that meets your marketing demands and budget.

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