Reporting And Management

Complete Control Over Your Advertising Campaign On Kidzeboo

The success of advertising on any platform for any marketer or business owner is the ability to gain insight into the performance of any campaign at any specific period of time to measure criteria such as reach, exposure and clicks.

Without the ability to gain overview of these dynamics, the success of any campaign can never truly be revealed.

Generate Custom Reports

As an advertiser on Kidzeboo, you gain access to your own unique Kidzeboo Advertising Manager Page.

With tools that allow you to generate:

  • Executive Summary
  • Individual Banner Performance
  • Billing Report
  • Banner Activity Per Day
  • Banner Activity Per Placement
  • Banner Expiration Management
  • Campaign Detailed Activity

To return details of any banner for any period of time within your campaign.

Print, Distribute Or Download

Your Kidzeboo Advertising Manager Page also provides you with the ability to print any report, email any report to any colleague, manager or board member. As well as download CSV File exports of reports for use in your own Microsoft ACCESS or other SQL local databases.

Maximise Return On Investment

Every campaign should provide you with the ability to measure return on investment (ROI.)

With the knowledge that in addition to managing and controlling Banner Placement, Banner Position and Banner Billing. That you are free to access, generate and distribute custom reports as and when you need them. Advertising on Kidzeboo, is your perferred platform for promoting your products and services towards parents.

To learn more about Advertising on Kidzeboo contact us today with your advertising needs and requirements so we may best assist you maximise your return on investment.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Provides You With Your Very Own Advertising Management Console For All Your Reporting Requirements

Every campaign has a goal and ambition.

Whether to increase brand, product or service awareness. Increase sales, promote offers or realign outdated brand strategies.

The ability to view the effectiveness of every aspect of your campaign is vital to evaluating the effectiveness of any individual media platform used in your campaign and your campaign as a whole.

Kidzeboo Advertising Manager is your own unique campaign management page for your advertising banners placed on Kidzeboo.

With the ability to gain indepth insights into any individual banner and your campaign as a whole, you can establish criteria such as:

  • Conversions Ratios
  • Exposure (Hits)
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rate
  • Acquisition

The Reporting & Management features of your Kidzeboo Advertising Manager, give you complete control and reporting capability for every aspect of your campaign at any time, whenever you need it.

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