Featured Items

More Attention, More Traffic and More Viewings Increase Your Sales Potential

Whenever you publish any item on Kidzeboo, it immediately becomes available for every user and member to view for a period of up to 90 days or until it is sold.

Your item appears in search results for exact brand matches, for product name searches, and in similar searches as your newly listed item.

These benefits are a part of Standard Listing and apply to every item, whether listed for sale or listed for give away.

When You Need More

For many members, and for the majority of their items, Standard Listing meets the sellers needs.

Sometimes however, you may want to do more to promote your item.

For example, you may want to sell your item as quickly as possible and wish to promote your item during the first day or first week of your item being published?

Perhaps you may want to make sure the greatest number of users see your item before other similar competing items, to get an advantage in selling your item first?

Or maybe you have an expensive, or rare item, and would like a cost effective way to promote your item throughout the duration of its listing?

Get More Traffic And Increased Sales Opportunities

Making your item a Featured Item, allows you to select and choose the period of time that you wish to gain extra attention by promoting your item on the home page of Kidzeboo.

As a Featured Item, your item receives the greatest level of exposure to give you the best possible potential to sell.

You can make any of your unpublished items a Featured Item by simply selecting the Featured Item option in the publish settings.

There are no limits to the number of items you can feature and the more days you feature any individual item, the more you save and promotion you gain.

Featured Items helps parents make selling simple.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Provides Many Ways To Promote And Increase Exposure Of Your Items To Improve Your Opportunities To Sell

Selling items similar to other sellers can sometimes make selling more difficult. Especially if your item is more expensive than other similar or identical items.

Choosing to make your item a Featured Item is a guaranteed way to:

  • Get Seen By Potential Buyers
  • Be Discovered Before Other Competing Items
  • Appear At The Top Of Searches

Not only does your item join the Featured Item section on the Kidzeboo home page, but your item also gets prioritised listing in search results.

If you don't wish to make your item a Featured Item, you can still take advantage of the numerous Social Sharing functions at Kidzeboo and tell your friends, family members and followers on all our favourite social media sites about your item.

Whenever you list an item for sale, Kidzeboo creates buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to allow you to share your item with your social network with just one click.

Social sharing is easy and a great way to promote and announce to the world what you are selling.

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