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Pair of boy's shoes for a toddler.

Shoe size is EUR 20. 13 cm metric size or 4T US size.

So ideal for a toddler around 12 months, just starting to walk around.

The shoes are well worn and scuffed. Such is life with a small one who likes to run around but fell over a lot at that time.

Both zippers are in as good as new condition and the soles of the shoes look almost unworn so I am giving them away rather than throwing them away because these shoes have a lot of life left in them and toddlers grow so fast so will probably only be of value to any parent for 3 - 4 months before the next pair.

The shoes have really great deep tread patterns and soles are soft so they are really ideal for the toddler just finding his legs.


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Toddler's Blue

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FREE Toddler's Boy Shoes (12 Months)

Condition: Used (Not Boxed)

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