Handicraft Sellers

Calling All Creative Amateur And Professional Sellers Of Arts And Crafts

Parents are constantly on the hunt for unique items.

Whether searching for that unique gift for a Baby shower or new born. Looking for something special for Baby's 1st birthday, Baby's 1st Christmas or Christening. Trying to find a treasured keepsake for a landmark birthday such as a child's 10th, 16th birthday or 18th birthday. As parents, grand parents, family friends and relatives we aim to make special occasions memorable through momentos and personalised gifts.

If you create personalised or handmade items either as a hobby, or full-time profession, then Kidzeboo is the social marketplace for you to expand your business.

Professional Tools For Professional Sellers

This winter Kidzeboo will be launching Handicraft Sellers to allow professional and amateur sellers of handmade or new and personalised items the ability to sell directly to our members.

Handicraft Sellers is for creative entrepreneurs who create garments, blankets, engraved trinkets, naming blocks, greeting cards and other handicrafts and wish to sell their products online.

Your Very Own FREE Handicraft Stall

As a Handicraft Seller, you get your own unique and FREE Handicraft Stall on Kidzeboo.

Get easy to use selling tools, that allow you set your own item details and prices as well as options to sell locally, nationally or worldwide.

The Social Marketplace For Parents

If you create and offer personalised items for parents, toddlers and children then becoming a Handicraft Seller at Kidzeboo is an absolute must for your business.

Reserve your own FREE Handicraft Stall now at Kidzeboo.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Is The Only Online Marketplace That Is Focused on Parents And The Needs That Parents Have In Parenting

Kidzeboo is the social marketplace created by parents for parents.

As a platform, Kidzeboo is more interactive and social than any other similar marketplace.

Providing service to support our community, we develop the tools and functionality that our community need to make parenting easier.

As a seller, what makes Kidzeboo unique is our focus. Unlike other online marketplaces that try to cater for every demographic and every type of user, at Kidzeboo our focus and members belong to one group only.

We are all Parents.

With this focus, sellers of handmade and handicraft items are able to reach parents with children.

  • Making Selling More Efficient
  • Providing Targeted Customers
  • Making Sales Cost Effective

So why not Sell My Handicrafts at Kidzeboo.

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