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Brand new unused and unworn George sweatshirt (long sleeved t-shirt).

Size: Boys 18 - 24 months.

Really bright beautiful colours with motorcycle and the words "Super Cool....Broom Broom"


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None (Warranty Has Expired) New (With Tags)
Complete (All Parts Included)
George Orange

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Pricing Details

$8.00 $0.00 (FREE P&P) $8.00BUY NOW

Shipping Details

Domestic (United Kingdom Only) First Class Mail


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George Sweatshirt

Condition: New (With Tags)

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Shipping: Domestic (United Kingdom Only)

Listing Expires In:

Price: $8.00

Postage: FREE (No P&P)

Total: $8.00

George Sweatshirt Preview Image This brand new George Sweatshirt is available now for a limited time only at The Social Marketplace For Parents,, for just $8.00.
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