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The Baby Bjorn baby bouncer is the classic baby bouncer (vippestol).

With 4 settings to adjust your baby's angle, the baby bouncer is soft and comfortable and more importantly safe and supportive for your infant.

With removal and machine washable fabric, you can swap and change your Baby Bjorn bouncer design by purchasing additional covers if you wish.

The BabyBjorn Baby Bouncer cost 1400 NOK (165 USD) when I purchased it.

There is no damage to the bouncer as you can study from the photographs. It is in great working order.

About the BabyBjorn Baby Bouncer:

- Naturally develops balance and motor skills
- Proper head and back support
- Made with safe, easy-to-clean fabrics
- Compact for easy transport and storage
- Developed with pediatricians
- Four positions that are suitable for both rest and play
- Soft design for an extra cozy feeling
- Suitable from newborn to 2 years
- Recommended for infant weight (max 20 lbs/9 kg)

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More Details Of The Item Including Warranty, Condition And Colour

None (Warranty Has Expired) Used (Not Boxed)
Complete (All Parts Included)
BabyBjörn Black

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$100.00 $0.00 (Item Collection) $100.00BUY NOW

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Collection (Pick Up Only) Buyer Must Collect In Person


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BabyBjörn Baby Bouncer

Condition: Used (Not Boxed)

Location: Halden, Norway

Shipping: Collection (Pick Up Only)

Listing Expires In:

Price: $100.00

Postage: $0.00 (Buyer Must Collect)

Total: $100.00

BabyBjörn Baby Bouncer Preview Image This pre-owned and used BabyBjörn Baby Bouncer is available now for a limited time only at The Social Marketplace For Parents,, for just $100.00.
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