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This is a brand new 2 disc Tansformers Special Edition DVD with over 3 hours of bonus footage, features and extras.

It has never been played and never opened (just to take the photos).

This unique DVD was released in 2007. It has a sem-transparent "holographic" cover which when removed lets the cover open out and show Optimus Prime from the Autobots on one side and Megatron from the Decepticons on the other.

To give you some idea of the stuff packed onto this collectors DVD.

Disc 2 contains:

- An in-depth featurette on the making of the desert attack scene.
- An insight into the Autobots and Decepticons.
- Interviews with the cast.
- Stunt training footage.
- On-set location footage.
- Product design.
- Interviews with military advisors.
- Insight into the special effects.

This is an absolute must for any fan of Transformers or the Transformers movie franchise and Michael Bay.

This is a Region 2 (Europe Only) DVD with full Digital Dolby and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

Available subtitles include English, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and Finnish.

If you have never seen Transformers then this is the DVD for you because it's easily the best film in the franchise.


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None (Warranty Has Expired) New (Boxed And Opened)
Complete (All Parts Included)
DVD Not Applicable

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DVD Transformers 2-Disc (Special Edition)

Condition: New (Boxed And Opened)

Location: Maidstone, United Kingdom

Shipping: International (Europe Only)

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DVD Transformers 2-Disc (Special Edition) Preview Image This brand new DVD Transformers 2-Disc (Special Edition) is available now for a limited time only at The Social Marketplace For Parents,, for just $20.00.
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