Kidzeboo Club

Special Offers, Discounts And Deals For You And Your Child

As a parent we know how hard it is to make weekly and monthly budgets go round. Especially at certain times of the year, such as birthdays, holidays, school start and Christmas.

Because Kidzeboo is the community for parents, we are teaming up with many of your favourite highstreet retailers and stores to bring you The Kidzeboo Club.

The Kidzeboo Club provides Kidzeboo members with:

  • Unique product discounts
  • Exclusive special offers
  • Daily Deal Extras
  • Cashback credit bonus in My Kidzeboo Wallet

The Kidzeboo Clus is a free loyalty and rewards card for all Kidzeboo members.

Unique Product Discounts

Together with leading highstreet brands and retailers, Kidzeboo will be providing Kidzeboo Club members with product discounts and savings on popular brands and products.

Exclusive Special Offers

Through partners, Kidzeboo will be providing Kidzeboo Club members with unique special offers and exclusive promotions.

Daily Deal Extras

In addition to the special discounts and promotions offered in Daily Deals, Kidzeboo Club members will be eligible for even greater savings with Daily Daily Extras.

Cashback Credit Bonus In My Kidzeboo Wallet

Whenever Kidzeboo Club members use My Kidzeboo Wallet for any purchase or item listing on Kidzeboo, they receive cashback credit on their transaction added to their My Kidzeboo Wallet balance.

So as a Kidzeboo Club member, the more use My Kidzeboo Wallet, the more you save and the more you earn.

The Kidzeboo Club will be launching later this year, so if you're not already a member of Kidzeboo, there's never been a better time to join the social community for parents.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Works Endlessly With Brands And Retailers To Bring You Offers That Make A Real Difference For You And Your Child

Whether you prefer to dress your newborn in the latest range from Mamas & Papas, or make use of parental controls and allow your child to play video games on Sony's Playstation PS4. As parents we are constantly bombarded with choices and decisions to make on behalf of our children.

While some decisions are more easy than others, there are times when we all wish we could purchase that higher quality item, or buy that extra special gift, if only our budget would stretch.

The Kidzeboo Club is a free loyalty card that gives all Kidzeboo members the chance to take advantage of extra special savings as well as earn credit in their My Kidzeboo Wallet.

Working together with your favourite highstreet retailers and brands, The Kidzeboo Club can help you afford that extra special Christmas gift or save you money on diapers or provide you and your family with extra special value with 2 for 1 offers.

More than just savings, The Kidzeboo Club gives you cashback credit every time you use your My Kidzeboo Wallet. Helping you list extra items for free or pay for items from other Kidzeboo members.

The Kidzeboo Club is:

  • FREE To Join
  • FREE To Use
  • FREE For Every Kidzeboo Member
  • As the social community for parents, The Kidzeboo Club is just another value added service you receive when you Join Kdzeboo.

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