Payments On Kidzeboo

Pay Through My Kidzeboo Wallet, PayPal Or Preferred Credit Card

Kidzeboo does not charge any commission on any sale of any item.

That means:

  • There's no commission on the value of your item.
  • There's no commission on the shipping and postage of your item.
  • There's no hidden fees for your item.
  • There's no additional fees for adding extras to your item listing.

No Commissions, No Hidden Fees And No Hidden Charges

Many marketplaces hide fees from you or request additional fees which are not discovered until you complete your listing.

For example, additional fees added for listing your item for a week or for a month. Or adding additional fees to have your item's title in bold or to have additional photos of your item in your listing.

At Kidzeboo, when you list an item it remains listed for a whole 3 months (90 days) or until it is sold.

This means that your item can be seen and purchased by other members not just for the same day, or only during the same week or month that you published your item. But is seen for a full 90 days from the moment you publish your item without any additional charges.

Unlike eBay and other online marketplaces, whenever you list an item on Kidzeboo it stays online longer, has no hidden fees, and when sold you get to keep all the money.

Making Payments

Whilst giving away any item on Kidzeboo is FREE, there are times when you will need to use payment to complete transactions in your account.

Listing An Item For Sale

In addition to giving away items for FREE, you can create and preview any item that you wish to sell for free in Kidzeboo.

However, when you wish to add your item to your store so that others can see, share or purchase your item. There is a Standard Item Fee ($1) per item that is charged to your account.

Your Standard Item Fee is your item administration fee so that your item is:

  • Added to your FREE Family Store.
  • Added to My Listings.
  • Able to be purchased by other members.
  • Added to Kidzeboo Search so that it can be found by other members and users and returned in search results.
  • Added to My Store Search so that it can be found by other members searching in your FREE Family Store.
  • Accessible in My Kidzeboo account so it can be managed, disabled, re-enabled, paused or removed from your account.
  • Added to the Kidzeboo optimised search engine index so that it can also be found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

All this for just $1. And remember NO COMMISSIONS!

Purchasing An Item For Sale

Whenever you complete the purchase of an item or items for sale in your cart, you must pay and complete payment for the item or items in order to prevent another member purchasing the item or items.

Adding Funds To My Kidzeboo Wallet

If you choose to pay to list items for sale or for purchasing items in your cart with My Kidzeboo Wallet. Then you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in My Kidzeboo Wallet to complete your payment or transfer additional funds to complete your payment.

Multiple Payment Options For Ease And Convenience

Kidzeboo supports all payment options, including:

  • My Kidzeboo Wallet
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Preferred Payment Settings

Your Kidzeboo account has multiple options and features that allow you to save time and make the most of Kidzeboo.

In My Account settings, you can choose your preferred payment option so that whenever you need or are asked to complete a transaction, your preferred payment option is always selected by default.

You can always change your preferred payment method at anytime for any transaction, and your preferred payment setting simply allows you to save time by having form details preselected on your behalf.

Did You Know

Kidzeboo Recommends My Kidzeboo Wallet For Making Fast And Easy Payments

My Kidzeboo Wallet allows you to transfer funds from PayPal or any major credit card to your Kidzeboo Account for listing and selling items.

PayPal and credit card companies charge transaction fees for every payment you make. In other words, the more individual payments you make, the more additional charges you pay.

My Kidzeboo Wallet allows you to hold any amount of money to list and sell your items with No Transaction Fees Or Charges.

Whenever you pay with My Kidzeboo Wallet, it means processing fewer PayPal or credit card payments so:

  • Selling Is Simpler
  • Selling Is Faster
  • Selling Is More Convenient
  • Here's how.

    Imagine over the next coming weeks you wish to list and sell 25 items in your store.

    Since the items are not Free Giveaway Items, but items that and you wish to sell. The cost per item on Kidzeboo is just $1, or $25 in total for listing all 25 items.

    The total cost for listing the same 25 items using PayPal or your credit card issuer is $34.

    That's an extra $9 in transaction fees.

    A massive 36% more than your total cost would be using My Kidzeboo Wallet.

    This is because PayPal charges $0.30 per transaction in addition to your credit card issuer charges.

    By using My Kidzeboo Wallet, you can transfer $25 from either PayPal or your credit card and sell the same 25 items. But the difference in using My Kidzeboo Wallet is that your total transaction fees are just $1 so you save $8 for listing the same 25 items.

    In other words, you could sell 8 more additional items for FREE

    Not only does My Kidzeboo Wallet save you money. It also saves you time.

    To complete payments from your PayPal or your credit card issuer means you need to log into your PayPal account or enter and confirm your credit card details every time you make an individual payment.

    Selling 25 separate items would require you to log into PayPal or enter your credit card details 25 times to process individual payments.

    To sell the same number of items using My Kidzeboo Wallet you can publish each item with just one click.

    There's no logging in or logging out. No pop ups or redirects. No authorizations or CVC codes. And you don't use time logging into your PayPal account or entering credit card payment details.

    • My Kidzeboo Wallet Is Free
    • No Sign Up Fee
    • No Charges
    • An Integrated Part Of My Kidzeboo Account
    • As you sell more and more of your child's old and used things on Kidzeboo, its easy to see just how much time and money you too can save with My Kidzeboo Wallet.

      My Kidzeboo Wallet really is The Smarter Way For Parents To Pay.

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