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Kidzeboo Announces The Launch Of The Social Marketplace For Parents

By: Maria Strand

Published: Mar 24, 2016

OSLO, Norway - After more than a year of design and development Kidzeboo officially launches Kidzeboo, The Social Marketplace For Parents.

Kidzeboo is a service portal for parents who want to shop, sell or give away children's old, pre-owned and used things.

Offering service without commission from sales, Kidzeboo aggressively targets the larger online marketplaces by providing a more focused service aimed at increasing interaction and community between members.

About Kidzeboo

Kidzeboo is a privately held limited company co-founded by two fathers frustrated at not finding a web site or online service that focused on the needs of parents and the challenges that parents face with parenting.

With headquarters in Oslo, the capital of Norway in the heart of Scandinavia. Kidzeboo is a community driven marketplace created by parents for parents.

Press Contact

Maria Strand, Media Relations

Kidzeboo AS

Haugenstuveien 25B

1084 Oslo


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